Building a House to Save on Energy Costs

When we bought a piece of property the hope was to build our dream home on it. Some folks probably imagine a big house with giant rooms and lots of expensive amenities. We just wanted a smaller house that was highly energy efficient. When you add up the money you spend to keep the utilities on in a house, the number is astronomical over the two or three decades you will be paying a mortgage. We have a water well, solar power and intelligent cooling and heating helpers using things such as custom orange county shutters to control light and heat.

Our water well provides good water. We have it tested regularly. The solar power system provides us the electricity we need even during the winter months. It also heats our water and provides supplemental heating. We rarely have to use any water, power or gas from the grid, and we save a fortune this way. Of course there are the initial costs of building a house or retrofitting one like this, but it pays for itself rather quickly. Don’t think we have a goofy looking house either. Our house has a tremendous curb appeal.

The concrete designed to look like stone acts as a heat sink to give us heat in the winter and cooling in the summer, but it looks expensive and elegant from the street. The window shutters that let us control the light and heat from the sun in the rooms are custom made for each window. They really look great from the outside, require no maintenance like drapes and curtains do, and they are fully functional rather than just being ornamental. They go on the inside so you can just walk up to them and open and close the louvers or swing them wide open.

We have a lot of other features that save us money such as water flow control valves and sensors that automatically shut off lights and charging adapters when not needed. We are doing our part to save energy, but really it is about saving money.